Ponder Pest Control provides pre-emergent weed control for lawns in the Denton, TX area

We'll Weed Out Your Weed Problem in Ponder and Denton,TX

Get efficient weed control service from Ponder Pest Control

Have the weed-free lawn you always wanted. Call Ponder Pest Control to stop weeds before they start, or to get rid of them after they've popped up! When you sign up with us, we'll treat your lawn with pre-emergent a couple times a year to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. We'll spray your lawn in early spring and fall, and you can kiss that crabgrass goodbye!

During warmer weather, we'll use broad leaf herbicides to kill invasive weeds. We'll also take care of other lawn pests like grubs and moles. Once we're done, your lawn will be on its way to looking lush, vibrant and healthy.

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We provide deep root feeding service, too

We provide deep root feeding service, too

Ponder Pest Control uses deep root feeding to fertilize trees and plants. We'll inject the fertilizer into the ground to make it more readily available to the tree. This way, your plants will be nourished consistently throughout the growing season to help them develop properly.

You should have your property treated in the fall to prepare your plants for the cold winter and harsh summer months. During this time, your plants will store nutrients in their roots that will enable them to grow strong and healthy, and minimize the effects of damage done by insects and rodents. Our root feeding treatment would be a wise investment for the health of your lawn.

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